This blog primarily features my thoughts, comments, and feedback about restaurants I have eaten at in New York and other places throughout the world. My feelings are truly from the gut. I will give it to you as I see it.

Also, from time to time, since the restaurants I visit may be in interesting cities, or near interesting landmarks, I may share my thoughts about hotels or other travel related inspirations.

Lastly. I love to cook, grill, bake, chop, marinate and measure so I will most certainly feature something that I have cooked, grilled, or baked or chopped – could be the lobsters I grill almost every summer or the cookies that I bake for Christmas – I hope that you enjoy the images and find the content helpful!

I look forward to all your comments!

About Thomas Mikolasko

I love food and am a seasoned hospitality professional. I have a background in restaurant operations and am a graduate of the French Culinary Institute (now known as The International Culinary Center). Eating in restaurants is a hobby and I like to share my experiences. I also like to document and share my travel experiences which are usually planned with restaurants in mind!


Little Frog

My visit to Little Frog last night was a real treat. I have been several times before and really love it. Little Frog serves contemporary French cuisine with a comfortable, “come as you are” ambiance. The painted brick, tilted mirrors and the leather banquettes transport you to France. With a seasonal open front, the bar …

Coco Pazzo

Today was such a dreary day in New York City. Hot, humid and rainy. However, I had a lovely lunch with a dear friend at the recently opened Coco Pazzo in Soho which was really, really delicious. The room is really comfortable, a bit modern with some rustic touches. The menu has Schiacciate, which are …


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