EMP Summer House

EMP Summer House in East Hampton. This was my second visit and my first to the more “formal” inside dining room. I previously ate here and sat at one (actually more than one) of the picnic tables outside with a big group. The menu is different and sitting at the picnic tables, while pretty entertaining (and great for the kids because the backyard is loaded with activities and games) does not avail you to the more interesting dishes served inside such as the amazing fluke (pictured) and a really rich and delicious bouillabaisse which I had this time. Sorry no picture of the bouillabaisse – it was passed around and pretty quickly finished before I had time to snap a photo.

Overall the food is delicious, although the flatbreads arrived and they were not quite hot, but still very tasty.  I meant to ask to see if that is by design but did not have a chance. For the finale there is a make-your-own sundae which is a lot of fun (the topping box is pictured). 

The service is spot on and the room is really cute and beachy so even though you are in the more “formal” part of the restaurant it is still pretty casual.

It is expensive and everyone should be aware of this going in. You can eat less expensively outside so I say go eat early and grab a seat at a picnic table to try it – then if you like it, make a reservation and eat inside at another time for date night!

Check it out: https://www.empsummerhouse.com

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