Sag Pizza

The pizza at Sag Pizza is fantastic! As good as anything I have had in New York City.

I have tasted four different pizzas on two occasions. The San Marzano, Mushroom & Tartuffo, NYC Pepperoni and Pomodoro. They have all been spectacular. The crust is delicate and delicious and the pizzas all have great flavor. The key for me is that they are the perfect balance between the super thin, cracker like crusted pizzas and the heavier napoletana pizza that is always too wet for me. The most well-balanced pizza I have had in recent memory.

Also, make sure that you order one of the salads. My favorite is the raw Zucchini and Almonds but the Avocado & Arugula and the Chopped “Arthur Avenue” are all and really great!

Lastly, and certainly not least, great local Long Island Wine on Tap and wonderful Gelato & Sorbet!

Check out the menu at

Wonderful time.

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