Congratulations to Rafele!

I have always loved the food at Rafele in New York City located at  29 7th Avenue South and am so happy for him that he opened this location in Rye, NY.

The room is warm and really lovely. All of Rafele’s food is delicious but he makes the most amazing soups so I am looking forward to eating there this winter!

The staff is really friendly and very attentive. It was busy the night so there were small delays here and there but they took care of everyone and were very gracious!

Everything we ate was spectacular! The Fritto Misto of calamari, shrimp and zucchini was perfectly fried and super delicious. The Arancini were also nicely fried and the blend of cheese inside tasted wonderful. Insalata di Carciofi was delicious and perfectly dressed, the pizza Regina is very good as well and I loved my Spaghetti alla Chitarra!

The two things not to miss on the menu are the Zuppa di Pesce which comes out of the oven covered with a crust and cut table side which is super tasty and the Cheesecake. Rafele’s cheesecake has won numerous awards and the recipe is a secret but someday I hope to find out how he bakes this cheesecake, yet it is still so delicate and creamy when you cut into it. It is the best cheesecake I have ever had, hands down!

Please check it out: https://www.rafele.com/rafele-rye/

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