Little Frog

My visit to Little Frog last night was a real treat. I have been several times before and really love it.

Little Frog serves contemporary French cuisine with a comfortable, “come as you are” ambiance. The painted brick, tilted mirrors and the leather banquettes transport you to France. With a seasonal open front, the bar has a great feeling and is also a great place to eat.

We started out with the Tapas Platter which includes all of the tapas that you could order separately and they added in a few extra Comte Fritters to make sure that we all had a couple! I wanted the French Onion Soup as an appetizer, which I have had before, but did not have the time for an appetizer after the Tapas Platter so I moved on to the Tiger Scampi “Au Pernod” for my main course which was delicious. Perfectly seasoned and cooked, succulent shrimp with a creamy delicious risotto. The risotto itself needed a touch of salt but was otherwise great.

I did not get a chance to take a picture of the Sundae for Two which we ordered for the group but it came with a candle (closer to something that would get lit on the 4th of July) because we were celebrating a birthday. We also enjoyed the Crisp Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse and the Floating Islands for dessert. The Floating Islands were absolutely perfect, I am sorry that I did not get a picture because it tasted as good as it looked!

Quickly becoming a neighborhood classic, I look forward to returning soon and trying the Whole Normandy Duck which comes table side with a Bourbon-Orange flambé!

Check it out:

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