La Pecora Bianca

La Pecora Bianca is a really great all day eatery! Stopped in for a quick lunch and really enjoyed it. Quite busy in the dining room and did not have a reservation but they were able to accommodate us at a communal table which worked out quite well. The staff is very well trained. They are all really attentive and very nice – the energy was great!

Started out with the Chopped salad, (romaine, radicchio, olives, capers, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, sheep’s milk feta), the Meatballs (beef and pork, tomato sauce and parmigiano) followed by the Linguine (rock shrimp, squash, lemon breadcrumbs and chili flakes) as my entree. All the food was really tasty and the portions are the right size, certainly for lunch, and I appreciate the pricing. I need to go back for dinner and also to check out what I think is probably a pretty lively bar in the evening.

A quality meal that is well priced in a really nice atmosphere with great service – that’s what we need more of!

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Little Frog

My visit to Little Frog last night was a real treat. I have been several times before and really love it.

Little Frog serves contemporary French cuisine with a comfortable, “come as you are” ambiance. The painted brick, tilted mirrors and the leather banquettes transport you to France. With a seasonal open front, the bar has a great feeling and is also a great place to eat.

We started out with the Tapas Platter which includes all of the tapas that you could order separately and they added in a few extra Comte Fritters to make sure that we all had a couple! I wanted the French Onion Soup as an appetizer, which I have had before, but did not have the time for an appetizer after the Tapas Platter so I moved on to the Tiger Scampi “Au Pernod” for my main course which was delicious. Perfectly seasoned and cooked, succulent shrimp with a creamy delicious risotto. The risotto itself needed a touch of salt but was otherwise great.

I did not get a chance to take a picture of the Sundae for Two which we ordered for the group but it came with a candle (closer to something that would get lit on the 4th of July) because we were celebrating a birthday. We also enjoyed the Crisp Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse and the Floating Islands for dessert. The Floating Islands were absolutely perfect, I am sorry that I did not get a picture because it tasted as good as it looked!

Quickly becoming a neighborhood classic, I look forward to returning soon and trying the Whole Normandy Duck which comes table side with a Bourbon-Orange flambé!

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Coco Pazzo

Today was such a dreary day in New York City. Hot, humid and rainy. However, I had a lovely lunch with a dear friend at the recently opened Coco Pazzo in Soho which was really, really delicious.

The room is really comfortable, a bit modern with some rustic touches. The menu has Schiacciate, which are grilled sandwiches on focaccia, Pan Rustico, which are toasted sandwiches, salads, soups, pastas and main courses – all at super reasonable prices. I thought that the portions would be much smaller based on the price but they were all quite good.

I started with the Ribollita Toscana and then had the Pollo alla Milanese! The Ribollita was wonderful. Thick, full of greens and beans and great flavor. The Pollo alla Milanese was fried perfectly with beautiful arugula and cherry tomatoes!

I had Affogato Vanilla for dessert which was served in a nicely chilled ceramic cup! A great end to a great lunch!

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Red Farm

Simply the best Chinese in New York City. The menu is full of flavor. On this visit I ordered all of my favorites, Shrimp-Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers, “Pac Man” Shrimp Dumplings, Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll and Three Chili Chicken.

At Red Farm they know how to take care of you and they really know how to cook (and fry). The Poppers come to the table so hot and fresh without a drop of oil, it is truly as though they have been conjured up by the “Fry Gods” and what can you say about the Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll – it is so delicious! The signature “Pac Man” Shrimp Dumplings are perfect and playful and last but not least, the Three Chili Chicken – just watch the dried hot peppers – the staff will warn you (thank your lucky stars), they are super hot!

Delicious meal, great service and really great Chinese on this rainy evening! Perfect!

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Congratulations to Rafele!

I have always loved the food at Rafele in New York City located at  29 7th Avenue South and am so happy for him that he opened this location in Rye, NY.

The room is warm and really lovely. All of Rafele’s food is delicious but he makes the most amazing soups so I am looking forward to eating there this winter!

The staff is really friendly and very attentive. It was busy the night so there were small delays here and there but they took care of everyone and were very gracious!

Everything we ate was spectacular! The Fritto Misto of calamari, shrimp and zucchini was perfectly fried and super delicious. The Arancini were also nicely fried and the blend of cheese inside tasted wonderful. Insalata di Carciofi was delicious and perfectly dressed, the pizza Regina is very good as well and I loved my Spaghetti alla Chitarra!

The two things not to miss on the menu are the Zuppa di Pesce which comes out of the oven covered with a crust and cut table side which is super tasty and the Cheesecake. Rafele’s cheesecake has won numerous awards and the recipe is a secret but someday I hope to find out how he bakes this cheesecake, yet it is still so delicate and creamy when you cut into it. It is the best cheesecake I have ever had, hands down!

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Duryea’s Lobster Deck

The food at Duryea’s Lobster Deck is really fantastic!

This way to Duryea’s! The Lobster Cobb Salad is awesome! Delicious lobster, crunchy bacon and a great vinaigrette for a perfectly dressed salad! If you don’t want to start with one of the Seafood Platter make sure, at the very least, to order the baked clams, oysters and the New England Clam Chowder which is a must!

After a delicious Lobster Cobb Salad we had the simply grilled Skirt Steak, the Grilled Market Fish which was a beautiful cut of Swordfish cooked perfectly!

The Clam Bake was a real highlight! It is a clam bake which is part Bouillabaisse – make sure to ask for more of the hot crusty bread they serve when you arrive is perfect for the broth!

Great fresh local food and great views! Take a look at the menu

Clam Bar

The Clam Bar. Clam Chowder, Tuna bits and a Lobster Roll. Enough said!

Such a wonderful place. Always makes me feel like I am really on vacation. Check out the menu at

Sag Pizza

The pizza at Sag Pizza is fantastic! As good as anything I have had in New York City.

I have tasted four different pizzas on two occasions. The San Marzano, Mushroom & Tartuffo, NYC Pepperoni and Pomodoro. They have all been spectacular. The crust is delicate and delicious and the pizzas all have great flavor. The key for me is that they are the perfect balance between the super thin, cracker like crusted pizzas and the heavier napoletana pizza that is always too wet for me. The most well-balanced pizza I have had in recent memory.

Also, make sure that you order one of the salads. My favorite is the raw Zucchini and Almonds but the Avocado & Arugula and the Chopped “Arthur Avenue” are all and really great!

Lastly, and certainly not least, great local Long Island Wine on Tap and wonderful Gelato & Sorbet!

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Wonderful time.

Sunset Beach

Stopped by for a quick frose! I am not generally a believer in frose but I have to say that it was really terrific!

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EMP Summer House

EMP Summer House in East Hampton. This was my second visit and my first to the more “formal” inside dining room. I previously ate here and sat at one (actually more than one) of the picnic tables outside with a big group. The menu is different and sitting at the picnic tables, while pretty entertaining (and great for the kids because the backyard is loaded with activities and games) does not avail you to the more interesting dishes served inside such as the amazing fluke (pictured) and a really rich and delicious bouillabaisse which I had this time. Sorry no picture of the bouillabaisse – it was passed around and pretty quickly finished before I had time to snap a photo.

Overall the food is delicious, although the flatbreads arrived and they were not quite hot, but still very tasty.  I meant to ask to see if that is by design but did not have a chance. For the finale there is a make-your-own sundae which is a lot of fun (the topping box is pictured). 

The service is spot on and the room is really cute and beachy so even though you are in the more “formal” part of the restaurant it is still pretty casual.

It is expensive and everyone should be aware of this going in. You can eat less expensively outside so I say go eat early and grab a seat at a picnic table to try it – then if you like it, make a reservation and eat inside at another time for date night!

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